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Short Story About The Mobile Optometry Clinic

Frederick Frost, OD

Dr. Frederick Frost created Mobile Optometry to help patients that could not come to his office.  His unique approach allows those in nursing homes and retirement home to recieve the same level of refractive and medical care that they would otherwise recieve in an office setting.  Dr. Frost is one of the only optometrists in the country that is truly "mobile" by providing much needed services to those in rural areas and whom are unable to travel.


Comprehensive Eye Care

Eye exams with Dr. Frost can detect systemic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension before they show up in a routine "physical."

Emergency Care

We pride ourselves on our prompt emergency eye care service for trauma, infections, sudden loss of vision and more.

Nursing Home and Home Visits

Available to patients on site at the facility at the patients convenience with use of our unique portable equipment.

Low Vision and TBI

We provide services for the visually impaired, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) evaluation and treatment, and can work with your rehabilitation programs.

Glasses Repairs

Repairs and adjustments are done at no extra charge (unless glasses parts needed). We also offer emergency same-day lens replacement!

Treatment of Eye Disease

Treatment of eye diseases with both pharmaceuticals and nutritional natural treatments.

About Us

Mobile Optometry in Zanesville, Ohio,
Located in the heart of the Zanesville, Ohio, Mobile Optometry is a state-of-the-art eye care center that strives towards its commitment to provide comprehensive eye health care services to the residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Many eye diseases can be present in the eye and may not affect your central vision. Conditions such as glaucoma, rarely have symptoms and can only be picked up with a thorough eye examination. Eye diseases, just like diseases of the body, are best detected in the earliest stage to avoid or minimize visual impairment.
Dilation of the eye is an important part of the eye exam as it will allow the doctor to thoroughly exam all part of the eye. The best anaolgy is this: imagine that you are trying to look at the detail of a room. It is much harder to view the components while looking through the keyhole versus opening the door and taking a peek around. The side effects of pupil dilation are generally minimal and typically include blurry vision and a sensitivity to light for few hours after their eyes have been dilated. You close vision may particularly be affected; consider avoiding any close work (ie: reading, knitting, etc) for a few hours after dilation.
Yes! In fact, our same day glasses service is what truly sets us apart from all others. You should not have to wait several weeks for your glasses to be made and mailed. Our in-office lab can produce many prescriptions the same day to help you see better faster!
Mobile Optometry is not just a name, it's the way we operate. Dr. Frost is one of few optometrists across the country who has portable, mobile eye examination equipment to provide comprehensive eye examinations to nursing home residents and patients whom cannot leave their home.

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